Lin Patterson Textiles
Unique Textile Art From Suffolk


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Lin Patterson Textiles - 16 Inch 25 Circles Cushions

Cushions with 25 circles of hand dyed shimmering silk velvet on hand dyed cotton squares.

The cushion is trimmed with cord piping with a covered metal button on the reverse. Each circle is silk velvet appliqued onto a square of cotton. The cushion is individually made - no two are identical.
The image shown is an example of the actual cushions for sale. Because of difficulties of capturing the rich & vibrant colours of the hand dyed silk velvet - the representation is faithful but it is impossible to be 100% accurate.

Price £50 plus p&p.
Available in Blue, Magenta, Raspberry & Green.
16 inch feather cushion pad included.

16 Inch Blue Circles Cushion

16 Inch 25 Blue Circles

16 Inch Magenta Circles Cushion

16 Inch 25 Magenta Circles

 16 Inch Raspberry Circles Cushion

16 Inch 25 Raspberry Circles

16 Inch Green Circles Cushion

16 Inch 25 Green Circles

Please contact Lin Patterson for postage costs and availablity.
Tel:- +44 1986 782225